Picture courtesy of Linfield Football
Picture courtesy of Linfield Football
Since he was the young age, Trevor Schier dreamt of one day playing college football. That dream started once he entered middle school and started playing for the Eatonville Middle School Warriors.
Through hard work and dedication, Trevor’s dream is becoming a reality.
Schier will be playing football in another ‘Ville next season. He is moving on from Eatonville and will play in McMinnville as he has accepted an academic scholarship offer from the school and will play football next season at Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon.
“Getting the chance to play at the next level really shocked me. Coming from a small town like ours where we don’t get a whole lot of exposure, I didn’t think that college coaches would really look at me as a prospect for the next level,” Schier commented.
Trevor and his family, friends, teammates, and former coaches are truly excited for him.
Eatonville High School head coach Gavin Kralik who coached Schier for 3 years added, “Trevor grew into being a strong leader for our program. He excelled academically, athletically, and with his decision making. We are excited to see him follow his dreams at Linfield”.
Bill Nation coached Schier at Eatonville Middle School and at Eatonville High School had this to say about Trevor, “When I reflect on my experience of coaching Trevor in middle school, I remember him being so selfless and such a team first kid. I vividly recall a conversation between he and I regarding his position on offense and at that time it wasn’t where he necessarily wanted to play, but he did it anyhow without any complaints and to the best of his ability.  This trait continued with him through high school where he did whatever was asked of him and loved his Cruiser family so much.  We are all so proud of Trevor and I am honored to have coached him”.
Schier has a little advice for the youth of Eatonville, “For the younger kids in middle school and Jr. Cruisers that if they have dreams to play in college and possibly the NFL, then hard work and consistent 100% effort can get them there even if they don’t think they have the talent to move on to the next level.”
“I’d like to thank all my coaches from Jr. Cruisers up to high school for the great knowledge of the game they have instilled within me and the life lessons I have learned so far through the sport. Obviously, my family I am most thankful for, in supporting me and giving me the opportunity to play football along with taking me to all the practices in the younger years. I can honestly say that I probably wouldn’t say that I probably wouldn’t be going to the next level without the support and constructive criticism that my parents instilled in me to better me as a player”.
Linfield College will begin their 2020 season on September 12th when they play host to Rowan University.   Later in the season, Linfield will travel to Washington to take on the UPS Loggers on October 10th.