It was all but a given that Republican Dino Rossi would advance out of the August primary in the race to succeed outgoing Rep. Dave Reichert in Congress.

The only question was which Democratic contender he would face.

Kim Schrier is that candidate.

With the pediatrician from Issaquah up by more than a thousand votes over attorney Jason Rittereiser for second-place and a spot on the November ballot, the latter conceded on Monday afternoon.

"This race has always been greater than any one individual," he wrote in a statement. "The 8th Congressional District will help determine control of the House of Representatives. I care deeply about this district, and as Democrats, we must win this seat. The best thing for our party, the district, and our nation, is to come together to ensure we take back control of Congress and put a check on the Trump administration."

Another Democrat, Dr. Shannon Hader — a former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention official — was in fourth place, nearly 10,000 ballots shy of second place.

Rossi led all candidates with just over 43 percent of the vote, but eager Democrats point to the performance of that trio combining for just shy of half the ballots cast as a good sign for November. The Cook Political Report ranks the race a “toss-up,” but the seat has been held by Republicans since its creation after the 1980 U.S. Census. Reichert won the seat in 2004, and is finishing his seventh term, winning his last three races with around 60 percent of the vote.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, Rossi said he was honored to be advancing to the general election, and that it was gratifying the district, “remembers my work as a bipartisan legislator solving problems and as a fiscal conservative with a social conscience.”

He also classified whoever his opponent may be as “the most extreme left-wing candidate I’ve ever faced.”

“They don’t want to work with anyone who doesn’t look, talk, or think like them,” he wrote, referencing their membership in the “resistance.” “I’m proud of my work building bridges, and will take that proven record to Congress.”

In a post Saturday, Schrier said her campaign was “excited and fired up” after the latest round of results, but also had a message for her opponent if she advances.

“With Dino Rossi barely getting above 40 percent of the vote, one thing is for sure: Rossi better be worried,” she wrote.

While the Eighth District race was the most notable local one on the ballot, there were several others of note.

Incumbent Sen. Maria Cantwell had nearly 55 percent of the vote state-wide as she seeks a fourth-term in office. She’ll face former Washington State GOP chair Susan Hutchison in November,

In the 2nd Legislative District, Rep. J.T. Wilcox is running unopposed, while Democrat Anneliese Field is seeking to unseat Rep. Andrew Barkis. Field took approximately 40 percent of the vote in the latest primary returns, to Barkis’ 60 percent.

November could also bring change in the county prosecutor’s office if the primary results hold. Incumbent Mark Lindquist trailed his challenger Mary Robnett by more than 10 percentage points (more than 15,000 votes).

The general election is set for Nov. 6.