Photo by Ailean Bearden: Attendees enjoy the carnival area of the Pierce County Fair last weekend.
Photo by Ailean Bearden: Attendees enjoy the carnival area of the Pierce County Fair last weekend.

This past week marked the 72nd annual Pierce County Fair, taking place in Graham with classic games, delicious food and different organizations displaying award winning work like 4H with home economics, art, archery and animals.

"If it was a competitive sport this is our local (competition) then if we do well, (we) move onto the state fair" said Travis, a Pierce County student.

He, along with many other students across Pierce county, came together show off their animals, which they work all year on raising.

For these students, coming to the fair is much more than just a fun day out – it’s a day where they can educate the public on proper care for animals as well. "I'm showing off my chicken to teach people 4H does make a difference,” said Maggie, a Pierce County Student, as she held Lou, he showmanship chicken. “I'm homeschooled so really this is my way of socializing and getting out.”

Similarly, fair goers also enjoyed 4H horse riders demonstrating their skills with a flag display during the national anthem, which kicked off activities for the weekend, including a rabbit costume contest, mutton busting and barrel racing.

While visiting each of these booths, the kids participated in a scavenger hunt set up across the fair, giving them an opportunity to have experience all their own, which included being educated on new topics.

People also lined up tor greasy fried food, scones and cotton candy, hoping to cure their hunger pains.

"These are all things people have grown in their yards and some people make displays to show them off," said Sandy Parr, explaining the art that was delicately decorated with fresh flowers. Participants were free to judge each piece.

Meanwhile the ring toss, ball bounce and Ferris wheel entertained people of all ages with classic midway fun, winning great prizes like giant unicorns, blow-up hammers and candy. Kids ignited with excitement to ride bumper cars and giant slides.

Lastly, the Pierce County Fair at Frontier Park in Graham is filled with education and entertainment, with the hope of creating a magical place buried in the heart of the people in the community, all coming together to put on an event that bring everyone together.