On November 6, 2018 the general election will occur. The Eatonville Town Council has placed an advisory vote on the ballot asking citizens if Eatonville should change its zoning regulations to allow recreational marijuana businesses within the town limits. The Northwest High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area has issued an impact statement for Washington State. "Users of marijuana, regardless of grade level, have consistently perceived very little risk of HARM from regular use. By 2016, over 95% of 10th and 12th grade users reported no perceived harm; 8th grade students reported no risk at the rate of 90%, and 6th graders reported no risk at the rate of 78%." The town of Eatonville's mission statement is "to create, provide, and administer municipal services while protecting the present and future health, safety and general welfare of the community." The NW HIDTA statement implies that students do not perceive a risk because the state has voted to allow the sale of marijuana.

If students already think its okay to use marijuana, what kind of message is conveyed to students if Eatonville allows marijuana to be sold within the town limits. The town Council's mission statement says they are to protect the safety of the community. Either the mission staatement needs to change or the Town Council is not willing to protect its citizens, especially our students. I would hate to think the Town Council's motive is profit from the sale of marijuana instead of its obligation to protect its students from access to a class 1 drug. It is known that older friends buy alcohol for under age students. Why would this easy access to marijuana be any different since students do not see any risk to using marijuana? The job of the Town Council is to be a watchman on the wall to warn those inside the castle of impending danger. Marijuana is a danger to our town! With your vote, tell the Town Council that Eatonville's students are to be protected from this drug!

Dennis Clevenger, Eatonville