As you know, we are facing an unprecedented public health crisis. I know it has been a stressful few weeks as the situation evolves on a daily basis.

We have kept our schools open as long as possible, as recommended by state and local public health authorities. Governor Inslee has now ordered the closure of all schools in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties. Schools must close and end classes no later than Tuesday, March 17 and will remain closed through Friday, April 24.

The school day is the centerpiece of the lives of many people. Children count on the reliable routine that a school day offers, from the classroom setting to the many people at school who know them, care for them and provide recognition of them five days a week. Families, too, count on that routine and the knowledge that their children are cared for during the day. It allows them to tend to their work day or focus on the other pieces of life that need to be taken care of — and there are many. Contemplating weeks without that structure and care may seem overwhelming. Please know that we are doing our very best to make decisions that will help care for all of us through this time. Starting Tuesday, March 17, Eatonville School District schools will be closed. At this time, we plan to resume classes on Monday, April 27.

Friday, March 13 is a snow make-up day as normally scheduled. Schools will be operational. All schools will open at normal times. We respect and support any family who chooses to keep their child at home. In addition, on Monday, we want parents, students, and families to retrieve medications and other essential personal items that they need to have (including all lunch items) with them while schools are closed.

What this Means for Students

Monday is the last day of school for the foreseeable future. We are allowing students to collect learning materials and personal items they might need while schools are closed. Our educators are speaking with students today about this closure.

We are finalizing plans to support our families during the closure in the following ways:
• Providing meals to our students
• Providing childcare for our families following the guidance of Gov. Inslee
• Partnering with other community organizations to support families