A 63-year-old man allegedly stabbed his brother-in-law, 61, after the brother-in-law beat the man's wife, 56, with a board at around 1 p.m. in a home near Ohop Lake. The stab wounds proved fatal.

The woman's brother beat her with such intensity that she was transported to Madigan Army Medical Center to receive care from a physician, according to an article by The News Tribune.

Upon learning what had happened to his wife, the woman's husband allegedly carried out the attack on his brother-in-law, though the motive has not been disclosed, The News Tribune reported.

The article states that the deceased man was living in a fifth-wheel on the couple's property which in located in the 38100 block of 105th Avenue Court East, outside Eatonville.

The man who allegedly stabbed his brother-in-law to death has been arrested and booked into Pierce County Jail and is awaiting charges by prosecutors.

Sheriff's Spokesman Ed Troyer was unreachable by press deadline.