A Pierce County Sheriff’s deputy said efforts of the citizens to assist in a traffic incident was outstanding.

“They reminded me that there are some absolutely outstanding citizens that I represent in D-10 every night I work,”said Deputy Brian Heinann.”It made me extremely proud to be a deputy working in the mountain detachment and it is an honor to serve them.”

At 5:36 a.m. June 11, the deputies in the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department Mountain Detachment responded to a 9-1-1 call reporting that a vehicle had flipped over in a ditch and hit a tree along Alder Cutoff Road outside of Eatonville, according to a department Facebook Post. Several people were reportedly injured and/or trapped inside the vehicle.

By the time the first deputy arrived at the scene, he observed six motorists had not only stopped to help — they had also used a chain to rip the back door off of the crashed minivan, had freed a child and a male passenger trapped inside. 

The department said the passers by also cared for driver’s two dogs, gave their clothing to the child, used a construction vest to flag down oncoming traffic, and climbed inside the flipped minivan to provide first aid to the driver who was suffering from a medical condition. 

Even after the deputy and fire  crews arrived, the Good Samaritans stayed on scene the entire time to help extricate the driver, comfort the passengers, and assist in traffic control.

The responding deputy was so impressed with their care, compassion, and willingness to help others that he contacted the public information office and asked us to put out a personal heartfelt THANK YOU to each of them. Here is his message to the six motorists who stopped to help:

“Thanks for being upstanding citizens and reminding me there are great people I represent in the Mountain Detachment. I tried to thank each of you before you left the scene. Your help on the scene allowed me to focus on the victims and their animals,”Heinann said.”You all deserve a huge round of applause for all of your efforts. I truly thank you for all of your actions this morning to help the family and continue helping when I arrived on scene. God bless you all!”