After reading the article in the February 28 issue of the Dispatch including the phrase, "animal control services," I feel the need to clarify a couple of things relating to my contract with the Town of Eatonville for help with impounded pets.

The words, "animal control" in the title of the resolution at the last town council meeting was misleading. My contract does not involve animal control duties; those are the responsibility of the police department, and they include cruelty or bite investigations, impounding strays, writing pet license infractions for non-compliance, and communicating with pet owners.

EPD will contact me once a pet has been impounded in the town's holding facility. My main role is caring for and feeding the pet. If s/he is not reclaimed by the owner after three days, then I transport the animal to the Humane Society's shelter in Tacoma, again at the behest of EPD.

Bob Walter