Meridian South, the once-beautiful gateway to Northwest Trek Wildlife Park and Mount Rainier, has lost its beauty to the continuing corruption that put in place the Lemay-Sutherland garbage dump. The stink forces me to turnoff my vehicle heater when I daily pass this destruction of our environment. The Lemay-Sutherland garbage dump was recently fined $743,000 for discharges of dump garbage juice and other contaminating fluids into Muck Creek. Please thank the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance for this successful lawsuit.

The dump was installed in a major aquifer despite moral, environmental and legal prohibitions. The garbage mafia, with the largess-inspired corrupt blessing of Tacoma and Pierce County government departments and councils, have for 20 years continued to break promises and regulations, making certain of another garbage dump superfund site to forever pollute our water.

Now, with the Trump administration attempting to destroy the EPA's clean air and water rules, the door is opening wide for even more environmental assaults by garbage dump interests.

Harold Fish