Eight youth arrived at Friday, Jan 3, at Graham's children's garden to help pull the lawn cloth that was laid by parents of the Ecosystem Explorer's after school science (S.T.E.M.) club many years ago.

Weeds and heavy clogs of dirt had grown over the cloth despite efforts by the to children to pull and cover the growth.The youth dug right into the overgrowth despite the mud and cold weather, making fun out of the monster balls they hauled off in a small wheel barrel. Teasing each other along the way, and crusted in mud, they were fun to work with. Next week, two farmers, Len Blyton and neighbor Will are expected to till this 30'x30' plot, donated by John & Marilyn Pethick, so Friends of Lake Kapowsin (F.O.L.K.) can move in the DNR's native plants for storage until spring, planting on trails next to the lake.

- Carol Wright