Sarah Cole’s experience as a school district, community and Eatonville Family Agency volunteer makes her uniquely qualified to serve on our School Board. She knows well the strengths of our community, from serving on committees such as the Eatonville Relay for Life, Dollars for Scholars, Eatonville Family Agency Aid the Agency Campaign, Eatonville Daffodil Float Committee and the Senior Surprise Committee, just to name a few. Since moving to Ashford in 2014, I am continually amazed by the generosity and support shown to the greater Eatonville community via the efforts of these agencies and committees. Truly, Eatonville is like no other in this regard. Sarah has been involved in all of these efforts, and she knows how well we support each other, even in difficult economic times. In this divisive era, we need leaders like Sarah who can navigate differing opinions to generate solutions that move us forward and remind us of what we can accomplish together.

I commend Sarah’s priority on social and emotional learning, as well as diversity, equity and inclusion. All of our children need to receive a quality, equitable education, feel included and supported in their learning and know they have a safe environment in which to learn. Whether they attend university, trade school or enter the job force after graduating, valuable skills learned will enable them to succeed in school, work and life. It is essential that today’s students graduate prepared to become an informed, contributing member of our global society. I am grateful Sarah chose to run for Eatonville School Board. She is well prepared for the job ahead and has my vote.


Claudia Frey,