I think the majority of our community want a good quality public education system. Those who want unmasking for the unvaccinated, little to no sex education and think that social emotional learning and diversity, equity and inclusion are critical race theory renamed are in the minority.

It’s good to have a diverse cross-section of people running for school board, getting involved and participating in the democratic process. That is what is needed.

We need a diversity of involvement, yet a school board that can reach a consensus and accomplish the hard work of providing the best public education for the majority of kids. Public education is essential to the individual and the collective well-being of our country. We need an informed and engaged citizenry for democracy to exist and flourish. Those who feel things should be left up to parents or obtained outside of public education are missing the importance of having an informed and engaged citizenry. That’s opting out, stifling and blocking.

I want to be able to vote for someone who wants to accomplish, do the work, create solutions, who doesn’t have fringe ideas, who doesn’t want to block everything that doesn’t serve their agenda.

It’s great to have and be able to support a candidate like Sarah Cole for Eatonville School District 404 School Board, someone who represents what a lot of us in this district want for the future generation. I’m grateful she is running, is informed and willing and able to engage.

Michelle Cornwell



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