Dear editor,

The firefighters, EMTs, medics, administration and commissioners of South Pierce County Fire and Rescue 17 would like to thank all voters for approving both Prop 1 and Prop 2 during the November election. Your vote will allow us to continue to serve the community of South Pierce County and ensure that the safety of all citizens and firefighters come first.

During the last several years, due to budget limitations, many items within the fire district were placed on hold due to lack of funds. Your vote will allow us to secure needed items that are either at the end of its service or soon approaching this date.  We listed many priorities during the election and we have a plan in place to address these needs for you, the citizens and firefighters. 

Due to the position the fire district was in, the actions we need to take will require several years to implement. Know that the entire team at South Pierce County Fire and Rescue have one goal, protect and be there for the citizens we have the privilege to serve. Please stop in to visit and ask questions. We want you to know what we are doing and gladly welcome your feedback.

Thank you once again to all citizens of South Pierce County Fire and Rescue District. Your vote made the difference between moving forward or falling back. We can now move forward.


Kevin G. Kneesahw

Fire Commissioner

South Pierce Fire and Rescue 17