Earlier this year, the Town of Eatonville notified citizens to eradicate weeds from their property. On Nov. 27, the Town Council voted 3 to 2 to prepare the ground to plant "weed."  The final vote on the proposal for the sale of recreational marijuana in Eatonville will be Dec. 11 at the Eatonville Community Center.

The sale of marijuana, both recreational and medicinal, remains illegal under federal law. State law cannot trump federal law. Although not currently a high priority, those who sell, grow or consume marijuana are still subject to federal law and may be prosecuted.

In addition, with the increase in recreational marijuana use, the medical literature has cited an increase in psychosis.  A recent NPR article, Lancet article and American Journal of Epidemiology all point to increased risk of psychosis due to the higher THC content of today's recreational marijuana.  Psychosis can be fleeting, but for some, it accelerates the development of chronic brain disorders. The brain does not fully develop until near age 25. Use of recreational marijuana in youth and young adults puts them at risk.

Please join me in voicing your opinion against this measure. Please contact your council members now.

Louise Van Eaton