My husband and I are concerned citizens of South Pierce Fire and Rescue District (SPFRD). Not sure if everyone realizes the dire straights the district is in until a fire happens. Our neighborhood has had two fires recently and the response was quick. This may not happen if the ballot measures are not approved. SPFRD covers over 140 square miles and is one of the largest districts in Western Washington. There are only three stations within the 140 square miles so a transport could take up to 3 hours depending on where the call is from. The trucks & medic units put on a lot of miles so the equipment that is being used is over the average lifetime. They have been refurbishing them and hoping that a unit does not break down while on a call. The firefighter's gear is also past normal use so their safety is at risk. If you need a transport for medical reasons and you call 911 and the unit is already on another call, another district will handle the call but you could wait 20-25 minutes or even longer which is not okay.

So let's all band together as a district and vote YES on the ballot measures. This is not a new tax. It just gets us back to where it was before the state put limitations on all districts and funding was cut. Please vote YES so response times to your fire or medical needs can be quick.

Alice Dowie