As the country goes wild over the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh for a seat on the Supreme Court, division between Democrats and Republicans intensifies to the point of frenzied, mouth foaming hysteria.

No one can deny that Kavanaugh himself exhibited such a stance when he testified at his confirmation hearing. What about the outraged, mind-bending performance by Senator Lindsey Graham?

Why, one would think, after all the protest by assaulted women, the least of which was Dr. Blasey Ford, would the Republican Senators go forward with this obvious misguided confirmation? Partisanship.

The Republicans believe that the Democrats have planned this whole fiasco just to prevent them getting their golden boy, Trump enabler, on the Supreme Court.

The Democrats believe that Trump and the Republican Senators prevented Obama from getting his golden boy on the Supreme Court.
So now, they will fight to the death to win!

What is so obvious—these Republican Senators have firmly placed blinders on their eyes. They refuse to see or hear the nation protesting the character of their candidate. So what, they seem to be saying. Nothing matters except getting Brett Kavanaugh nominated to the Supreme Court!
Partisanship—the Vampire in the room--is demanding they expose their throats.

Sacrificing themselves for the Party may well cost them their political futures. As for their souls, well, those were already long gone.

Paula Newman-Morris, Graham