Eatonville School District Board Member Roger Andrascik is resigning from his long-time position on April 1, and he says it's not an April Fools prank.

Instead, it's a way to make sure some "new blood" joins the board and hopefully a way to get more residents in the school district involved through the election process.

"I believe in term limits for starters," Andrascik said. "I would have been seeking my third term this November, but I told the board I would not be seeking a third term. I want to get new blood in. We have a great board that works together well ... but my term is up." 

Andrascik said he wasn't planning on resigning early, but was told by the Pierce County Election's office that if no one filed by May to run as an opponent for his position on the board, he would automatically be given the position. Therefore the best option was for him to resign and allow residents to apply for his seat. 

"(Pierce County) said this is pretty common especially for seats on things such as the (Water Utility Coordinating Committee)," he said. "I have no idea what the market bears on who might or might not be interested. Now if someone wants to be appointed why not just run for election? I don't know, it's strange."

Andrascik said only one other board member has ever been challenged by a candidate since he started nearly 10-years-ago. He said most members have been appointed. 

“Roger is a student-centered leader who is always focused on what is best for children," Superintendent Krestin Bahr states in an online letter to parents. "It’s been an honor and pleasure to work with a committed, forward-thinking leader who cares about what all children have access to in Eatonville. I will miss him dearly as he always advocates for children.”

Andrascik has had two children grow up and attend school in the Eatonville School District and felt the need to give back to his community. He was appointed to his position on the board in 2010 and was reelected in November 2011. 

"Roger, along with his son Sean, was instrumental in bringing in a Cross Country Team to Eatonville High School," a school district news release states on the district's Facebook page. "Since then it has expanded to include Eatonville Middle School and now has 63 students participating districtwide. While serving the Eatonville community and students, Roger has taken on some challenging and formidable roles during his service. He has served diligently on levy and bond committees, taken on the role of Legislative Representative to the Board and Assistant Chairman along with volunteering in the classrooms around the district. He has opened the way to partnerships with Mount Rainier Park Services that has assisted to enhance the education, safety and experiences of our students." 

Andrascik has a few moments of his career on the board that he is proud of including hiring Bahr, helping create a district-wide strategic plan and helping to fund a district during times of turmoil. 

"We try to deal with academic excellence and supporting the staff," he said. "We approved a budget, which was a challenge with the Legislator and the McCleary Decision." 

Andrascik's advice for his successor? Don't come in with an agenda, be willing to work well with a team and, most importantly, don't forget the job is about the students. 

"You got to think about the kids," he said. "You have to do what's right for them. A lot of the time adults get wrapped up in their own world trying to make what they think is the best decision, but a lot of times we are dealing with kids who some are very affluent but some come from homes that are broken. There are various economic and opportunity gaps. People on the board work for those children."