A public hearing regarding zoning for marijuana-related businesses within the Eatonville’s town proper is set for Monday, April 15.

The Town of Eatonville Planning Commission is hoping to hear from residents regarding zoning plans.

Last November, Eatonville residents narrowly voted against allowing marijuana dispensaries in the town. The poll was an advisory vote, and in February the Eatonville Town Council chose to allow a moratorium on marijuana businesses to expire.

Councilmember Jennie Hannah explained at a recent public meeting that due to a lack of any available licenses on the state level, together with zoning laws that prohibit such shops from being in close proximity to churches and schools, “the chances of a shop opening here are essentially nil.”

Had a permanent ban gone into effect, Eatonville would have been excluded from receiving certain state funding – funding which is not contingent upon the physical presence of a retail marijuana shop, but merely on the possibility of one being allowed.

“(This way) the town gets revenue, even without a shop,” Hannah said.

Anyone interested in commenting on the zoning plans can attend the meeting and provide official input. The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Monday, April 15, at the Eatonville Community Center, 305 Center St. W.