The 61-year-old Eatonville man that was stabbed to death by his brother in law July 20 was identified as Kevin McCoon.

McCoon allegedly beat his sister with a board and a few other objects before his brother in law allegedly stabbed him in the chest. No charges have been filed against the man.

The manner of the death is still pending investigation, and the suspect has been released from police custody, said Ed Troyer, Pierce County Sheriff’s spokesman in an email to The Dispatch.

The stabbing occurred at around 1 p.m. in a home near Ohop Lake.

McCoon allegedly beat his sister with such intensity that she was transported to Madigan Army Medical Center to receive care from a physician, and as of July 24, the woman was still in the hospital.

Upon learning what had happened to his wife, the woman's husband allegedly carried out the attack on McCoon, though the motive has not been disclosed, The News Tribune reported.

The article states that the deceased man was living in a fifth-wheel on the couple's property which is located in the 38100 block of 105th Avenue Court East, outside Eatonville.