Hobert Clark
Hobert Clark

Pierce County Sheriff's detectives were given a PC on Monday, July 29, to arrest Hobert Clark for the murder of Paul Warner, an acquaintance of his, near Eatonville during the night of Sunday, July 28.

He allegedly fled the scene of the crime on a white sport bike, after stowing his shotgun in his girlfriend’s car.

By Wednesday, July 31, a nationwide felony warrant was issued for Clark's arrest, according to communication from Pierce County Sheriff.

When the morning of Thursday, July 1, came around, Pierce County Sheriff's deputies and detectives had arrested Clark.

"At approximately 4 a.m. (on July 1) the deputies in our Foothills Detachment learned of a possible sighting of wanted homicide suspect Hobert Clark," states an Aug. 2 Pierce County press release. "A man matching Clark’s appearance was reportedly seen in a truck in the area of Pioneer Way and Patterson Road near Orting."

Pierce County Sheriff's deputies were already searching the area, when they received 911 correspondence from a passerby who reported seeing a ditched white pickup truck at the intersection of Fisk and Orville Roads. Sure enough, the deputies found the vehicle in a ditch at the described location and a search, which included SWAT Team members, commenced.

"At 6:15 a.m. a resident of Fisk Road called 911 to report seeing an unknown man laying facedown in his garden," the press release states. "Members of our SWAT Team located the suspect and placed him into custody without incident."

Clark, who was found with two knives, was booked into Pierce County Jail for first-degree murder, first-degree assault, second-degree assault and first-degree unlawful possession of a firearm.

Detectives soon went to a residence in the 18000 block of Patterson Road E., serving a search warrant on the premises.

"Detectives had information that homicide suspect Hobert Clark had been staying at the residence with his girlfriend Christina Kitchens, who detectives had probable cause to arrest for rendering criminal assistance to her boyfriend in the murder of Paul (Warner)," the press release states. "Kitchens was not at the residence and her current whereabouts are unknown."

According to its latest communication before press deadline on Aug. 5, Pierce County Sheriff said that Clark was allegedly seen stowing the murder weapon in Kitchen's vehicle, which she allegedly fled the crime scene with.

Finally, a felony warrant has been issued for Kitchens' arrest, which also covers her alias, Christina Nichols. She is a white 33-year-old who is wanted for rendering criminal assistance in the first degree.