The bulk of the Pierce County Council’s Feb. 25 meeting was dedicated to lauding the service of volunteers. The council unanimously approved Proposal No. 2020-14, a resolution proclaiming Feb. 24 through March 1 “Volunteer Recognition Week” in Pierce County and congratulating the following volunteers for their hard work:

Volunteer Group of the Year Award – Pierce County 4 X 4 Search and Rescue
Special Service Award – Grant “Smitty” Smith
Special Achievement Award – 4-H Teen Rally Planning Committee
Volunteer of the Year Award – Armin Keen

“We really appreciate it very much, because there’s no way all the services could be provided to the citizens of Pierce County without volunteers; it just wouldn’t happen,” said Chair Douglas Richardson. “So, thank you all for representing all of them.”

Other business is as follows: The council unanimously approved Proposal NO. 2020-2s, vacating a portion of the Babler-Wright County Road right-of-way of the Willamette Meridian in the Graham area.

The council also unanimously passed two collective bargaining agreements.

Proposal No. 2020-14 ratifies a CBA between the county and county employees represented by the Communications Workers of America, Local 37083. The agreement includes a 2.7 percent general wage increase effective Jan. 13 and a 3.7 percent market rate increase, also effective Jan. 13.

Proposal No. 2020-15 ratifies a CBA between the county and county employees represented by the Pierce County Prosecuting Attorneys’ Association. The agreement includes a 2.07 percent cost-of-living pay increase, as well as a pay step increase of 3 percent for the classifications of County Attorney 1 and County Attorney 2. All increases are effective as of Jan. 13.