Students' ornaments are on governor's tree

For the second time in the past two years, the artistic talent and handiwork of Graham-Kapowsin High School students has a place in the holiday decorating of Washington's governor. Ornaments produced by students in the jewelry and design class at Graham-Kapowsin are adorning the governor's official Christmas tree in Olympia. The ornaments are in ths shape of music notes. In 2014, they were birds fashioned from sheet metal. Jennifer Buckle, who teaches the class, Buckle wasn’t sure she could get the honor for her class twice, but “I went ahead and applied, and on my birthday I got an e-mail" from the office of the state superintendnt of public instruction with word they'd been selected. "Next year we're going for the hat trick," Buckle said. She said her students' selection was well-deserved. “I am so impressed with their final projects,” Buckle said. “The quality of the work is really high this year.” One of the students, senior Casey Olmstead, based her design on an eighth note because she liked its complexity. “There are intricacies and swirls that you can incorporate into the design,” Olmstead said. The class focuses on skills such as metal-piercing, wire-wrapping, wire-weaving and soldering.


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