Sensible changes for school sports

As a 1960s-era alumnus of Columbia Crest and Eatonville High School living near Weyerhaeuser, surrounded by former classmates, it occurred to me many of us graduated eighth grade from all three grade schools, bringing an array of positive attributes with us when joining together as freshmen. When we graduated EHS, our top-three academic students represented all three grade schools.Two also had tackle football and basketball teams, with the third sending their athletes to Eatonville. With the door left open for the return of seventh and eighth-graders to Columbia Crest for excellent reasons (Dispatch, April 2, "Five-year plan for Columbia Crest"), would not the same apply to Weyerhaeuser with sports? I believe this once three-prong approach greatly enhanced our entire high school accomplishments. A Dispatch weekly poll would serve well. Another action taken by our Eatonville School Board, superintendent and modern-day athletic director, but given little attention, may hold even greater positive impact for all of the Eatonville schools community. It also corrects an error made during the 1970s era for some unknown agenda. They have applied to move EHS Cruiser sports "back" to the Southwest Washington District and those community schools more akin to us. With long and substantial background in the sport of auto racing statewide and beyond, it's not hard to see our schools statewide sports system is costly and obsolete.Nonetheless, Eatonville, as most other public schools, quietly adhere as good team players. So if improved by leagues and districts involved, Cruiser sports will yet travel for league play, but travel will be quicker and easier on the whole, holding fast to the system and probably a wise move if our enrollment does fall. It must be noted, just 2013 Cruiser fall sports equaled or exceeded an entire year's worth during our 1960s era. With any additional district and/or state-level post-season play found today, this is no small issue. Travel holds many costs in human resources and dollars. With classroom time and money already greatly limited, it would seem to make sense that seasons, travel time and mileage should also be limited. All Cruiser regular-season sports could be filled without leaving the general/neighboring Tacoma-Pierce County area.Doing so for all non-league play would go far. Perhaps another Dispatch weekly poll? At any rate, the courage and progressive innovations being shown by our current school leaders suggests a determination to get us back near the top once again. As representatives our sophomore years and champions our senior years to state basketball, welcome home, Cruisers, to the Southwest District. Dick Boness Jr. McKenna


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