Superintendent Krestin Bahr takes her name out of Tumwater School District superintendent search

Eatonville School District parents were surprised by a post on the popular Eatonville Heads UP Facebook group when a user posted a screenshot of the Tumwater School District's website with a picture of Eatonville Superintendent Krestin Bahr as a finalist for their superintendent search. 

"I wonder if we have any finalists?" William Lewis, who posted the picture, said. 

According to Tumwater School District's website, the Tumwater School Board is searching to fill the role of the superintendent by July 1. Finalists were picked by Feb. 15. 

Bahr was one of three finalists up for the position. Other candidates included Sean Dotson and Chris Woods. Dotson is the Assistant Superintendent at Cheney Public Schools and Woods has served as the assistant superintendent in Tumwater since 2015. 

Bahr was scheduled for a community interview with the Tumwater School Board on Feb. 26. 

The current Tumwater School District Superintendent is John Bash. Bash accepted a job as assistant superintendent for the Tenino School District. He will leave Tumwater schools at the end of the school year.

Bahr announced in a newsletter on Feb. 27 that she has chosen to take her name out of the list of finalist for the Tumwater superintendent search. 

"My husband and I love the Eatonville and Tumwater community," Bahr's letter states. "Tumwater is a place we know that we could live, however, I found myself thinking of the unfinished work here and what I would be leaving behind, along with how much I am invested in Eatonville." 

Eatonville School District staff were not available for comment by press time. 

Bahr has served the Eatonville School District since 2013. 


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