From the community: Farewell, Polly!

The following are well-wishes sent to Polly via the Monroe Monitor upon news of her resignation as editor:
Polly is the most professional, fair journalist I've ever met. She is the gold standard that the others should look to for guidance. I wish her all the best!
Debbie Copple
Director, Sky Valley Chamber of Commerce
(Polly) has been such an incredible blessing to Matthew House over the years with all the wonderful articles she has done for us by keeping the community aware of what we do!
We love her and will miss her!
Linda Paz
Executive-áDirector, Matthew House

I want to thank Polly for all her many years of dedicated service reporting on the City of Monroe and helping to shape our community.-á -á
Gene R. Brazel, City of Monroe, City Administrator
Thank you Polly for all you have done over the past decade to share about the great people and events in the Sky Valley, especially paying attention to the accomplishments of the many Great Turks. You will be missed, but if you have to move on, at least you're a Dawg!
Go Huskies!
Scott Sifferman, Sultan High School Assistant Principal & Athletic Director
I would like to say thank you for a wonderful story (Polly) wrote titled "Irish a small but colorful part of Monroe historyGÇ¥ a few years ago on my family, the Faussetts. She did a great job. Sorry to see here leave, loved reading her stuff.-á-á
Guy Faussett
Polly exudes life in an aura of goodness and happiness. -áShe is literate and musical, great talents all. -áThe thing that I rate above all of that is her work improving schools in Nicaragua. -áLet me know where to send my next donation for this.
Joe Beavers, Former mayor, Gold Bar
Polly Keary has a wonderful heart for our neighbors in need and those who live in unfortunate circumstances in our

community. -áAt Take the Next Step, our work is with these same folks who live in Sky Valley.-áWe have been so very grateful for Polly's excellent coverage of issues and events that relate to homelessness and our low income neighbors. It has been a pleasure for our Take the Next Step staff to work with Polly.
We will miss Polly very much, but we wish her the very best in her doctoral program and her journalistic career.-áHopefully, her writing will continue to include addressing issues related to poverty.
Donna L. Olson, Board Chair, Take the Next Step
My first contact with Polly was shortly after arriving in Washington in 2011. My wife and I were "hanging out' at the Snohomish Music Festival and were enjoying a session with a three player blues band. I remember watching this amazing bass player (who, it turned out, also had an equally amazing voice) playing hard and moving with the music to create a firestorm on that stage. I remember thinking, "Whoa, that bass player is incredible!!' Imagine my surprise when shortly after the festival the editor of the Monroe Monitor, one Polly Keary, came to my office.
We mostly talked about music, the blues, the local music scene and the incredible local talent. I later discovered that Polly's writing, whatever the subject, her energy and her commitment to this community were all incredible and memorable. Polly offers a rare combination of creative drive, extraordinary music, heartfelt reporting and opinion, and much more. I will dearly miss your column, but I'm still hearing your music whenever I can!
Paul Popelka, Planning & Permitting Manager, City of Monroe Polly, you will be missed. You have really grown into a great editor. Your writing has matured and expanded to the point of greatness. Thank you for your commitment to our communities in the Sky Valley and to the communication world. Good luck and God bless you on your new journey.
Sultan Mayor, Carolyn Eslick

I am so very sad that Polly is leaving. -áI've expected this for some time -- someone with a wingspread like hers needs a bigger place to fly. -áI'm just grateful we all had her as long as we did. -áShe brought a spark and a passion, not to mention a stellar journalistic excellence, to this little paper that I'd not seen before, and I've been here since 1979. -áI will never forget her, and wish her the very best.
peg ferm
For the last several years, I have been subscribing to the Monroe Monitor, largely because of her transparent and heartfelt editorials. Her voice has been the voice of compassion and sanity, especially on controversial or sensitive topics. Despite her rough and gritty past (or perhaps because of it), she is very much in touch with the way that many different types of people feel and think about things, and she writes about these things with a rare combination of quality, sensitivity, and passion. I have no idea how she manages to put together an award-winning-ánewspaper, and run all over the country being a bass player in a band, plus have a personal home life!-áAnd now she's widening her field of operations. I will miss her editorials, but I have two things to say: best wishes, love and blessings to Polly, and Watch out World, here she comes!
Dorothy Hiestand, Kenmore
For a million reasons that will-ábe in my heart and mind forever, I want to thank Polly for all the time she spent on

covering the Sky Valley Food Bank's needs and all the charities in the Valley. Most of all I thank Polly for-áher big huge heart for all people suffering, be it hunger, grief, poverty, illness, addiction, homelessness GÇô you name it GÇô she-áfeels deeply-áfor people in their struggles. I hope she always knows she has a friend in me. I don't have to think twice to know Polly is considered a friend to every person she touched through personal experience or her thoughtful articles. I know she will always be my friend. With love and best wishes for our Polly!
Julie Morris -Britton


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