Road rage: not just a big city problem

Hello Ms. Keary,
Maybe there was a better way to contact the paper-áwith an opinion, but I will hope this gets to you and possibly to a larger audience.-á As I sit down-áto-áwrite I-áam shaken-á- while out this afternoon, I was a-ápassenger-áin our car with-ámy 16 year old daughter-ábehind the wheel, (she has completed driver's ed and has been driving for a few more-ámonths to gain more experience) and we were confronted with road rage-áright here in Monroe.-á I have always-áwarned her about the-ádriving hazards-áin the-álarger cities, such as Bellevue or Seattle, but I-áhave found that unfortunately-ásome of the most pressure and strife has come from driving in our own town.
With her student driver bumper sticker clearly visible, she was driving the speed limit up Florence-áAcres Road, but we were still tailgated until-áshe was-áfinally able-áto-áget in the-áproper-álane to-ámake her left-hand turn.-á At that point we were almost hit by the-ávan following closely-ábehind us-áand-áthen screamed at by the driver in a pickup truck-ábehind the van. We recently moved from-áa home in the Old Owen/Florence Acres area to another-ápart of-áMonroe-áand-áit's been a relief.-á Driving on either of those roads and trying to go the speed limit or even-áup to 10-ámph over the limit-áis sometimes -ánot-áfast enough for many-ápeople going either direction in that area.-á I-áknow I get impatient myself at times but this kind of impatience can only lead to serious injury or-ásomething worse.-á My daughter was obeying the law but was penalized by her fellow drivers-áfor doing so. -áI am thankful I was there-áand was able to talk her through it this time.-á-áMy hope and plea-áis that as-áour-ácity grows and-ádriving becomes increasingly difficult, that-áwe don't lose courtesy and respect-áfor one another-áin the process.-á-áWe all have places to go and schedules to keep but I want us all to get there safely.
Thank You,
Jayln McGuire


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