Spotlight illuminates rezone "group thinkersGÇ¥

Dear Kathie,
Your article summed up almost all the things I've been trying to say for years.
The only items I could add would be the free EIS the city provided which is found inadequate as a matter of law.
Next, the fact that PACE Engineers Inc., filed a Deed of Trust, May 31, 2013, for the sum of $170,000 which is still on open record.-á This means it hasn't been paid.-á Liens are common but must be paid.-á PACE Engineering has an inherent conflict of interest financially which should preclude them from making an objective study and raises serious questions on the previous study.
Many people of Monroe including the four group thinkers have no idea why an Environmental Impact Statement is required; thankfully, the state requires it for environmental protection as well as people's protection.-á Think OSO.
Finally, the spotlight shines on the remaining four of the group thinkers, Goering, Kamp, Davis, and Hanford.
Thank you,
Lowell Anderson


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