Sultan School District officials get pummeled with pie

Although the Sultan High School Turk football team did not come away with a win on Friday, Sept. 26 against Archbishop Murphy, the game was still a tremendous success.
Organized by Crosswater Community Church and the Volunteers of America, the Sultan Turks Whiteout game served as a food drive, with all donations going to benefit the Sultan Food Bank. Game attendees were encouraged to bring nonperishable food items to the game, and to wear white t-shirts.

This year, the church devised a bit of friendly competition as a method for enhancing the level of food donations. Sultan High School Principal Tami Nesting, Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Scott Sifferman, and Sultan Middle School Principal Nathan Plummer all agreed to get served with a pie-in-the-face should their schools achieve over 500 pounds of food donations throughout the week leading up to the game.
Sultan Middle School set a new record, collecting a whopping 964 pounds of food. Since the high school was a bit shy of the 500 pound goal, the middle school decided to give them a hand by donating enough food so that they could reach their goal, as well. The middle school's generosity enabled Sifferman and Nesting to become eligible for pies in the face along with Plummer.
The principals even agreed to do it in front of an audience; they all took their pies-in-the-face at the Turks' football game during halftime.
Before the competition began, Crosswater Church decided to set a goal. During previous years, the Whiteout game had generated approximately 1,500 pounds of food. This year, they set a goal of 2,000 pounds, figuring that the school competition could help them meet that goal.
Not only did they meet their goal, with the help of the community, they exceeded it, collecting a total of 2,700 pounds of food for the Sultan Food Bank.
Crosswater Community Church Associate Pastor Jon Merwin shared that, between Sultan Middle School, Sultan High School and the Crosswater congregation, they had around 1,800 pounds of food prior to the Whiteout game. An additional 900 pounds of food was collected during the game.


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