Three students, one principal honored with Heart of the Bearcat award

There are many awards that recognize students for remarkable achievements. But until

recently, there never was an award for kids who regularly and consistently just did the right things, said Monroe High School Principal John Lombardi.

So five years ago the school created that award, and this year, it was awarded to three students, Dallas Fargo, Kim Gallicia and Lucas Waller.

"It's to recognize a kid for doing the right thing and helping others out, and increasing the spirit and the community of the school,GÇ¥ Lombardi said.

In order to decide to whom to give the annual award, which usually goes to one boy and one girl, Lombardi walks around the campus and asked underclassmen who they feel fits the description.

"There are always several names that come up a lot,GÇ¥ he said. "So I said, "Well, if there's more

than two, why not?'GÇ¥

Some years there are two boys and a girl, others two girls and a boy, he said.

This year, the award honored yet another person.

"This year, we named it the Joe Delp Heart of the Bearcat Award,GÇ¥ said Lombardi.

Delp, a middle school principal, stepped up to help out at the high school last year, said Lombardi.

"He knows the kids' grandparents, the posts they are in, and he has a heart of gold,GÇ¥ said Lombardi. "We thought, he came here for a year, put his heart and soul into it, why wouldn't we honor him?GÇ¥


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