Updated: Unofficial general election results: Biden defeats Trump, Inslee to return for third term

Updated: Unofficial general election results: Biden defeats Trump, Inslee to return for third term

Updated: Unofficial general election results: Biden defeats Trump, Inslee to return for third term

Based on unofficial general election results, Washington residents overwhelmingly voted for former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris over sitting President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. According to national news sources, Biden is projected to become the 46th president of the United States after apparently securing the needed electoral college votes of at least 270 on Saturday. In Washington, Gov. Jay Inslee declared victory over challenger Loren Culp, thus securing his third term.

In addition, a measure requiring public schools provide students with comprehensive sexual health education with parental approval has also passed.

In Pierce County races, Republican Amy Cruver defeated Republican Joe Zaichkin to secure the Pierce County Council District 3 seat. She replaces her former boss Councilman Jim McCune, who will become the state representative in Legislative District 2. In turn, McCune, a Republican, replaces state Sen. Randi Becker, who decided not to run again. Ed Troyer will become the new Pierce County sheriff after decisive general election results. Bruce Dammeier will return as Pierce County executive after holding off challenger Larry Seaquist.

According to the Pierce County Auditor's website, as of 3:30 p.m. Friday, 458,216 votes had been counted to date, with an estimated 5,000 remaining. Voter turnout was estimated at 80.79 percent.

Unofficial General Election results, Nov. 7, 2020

Go to https://results.vote.wa.gov or https://results.vote.wa.gov/results/20200804/pierce/ for updated election results.


President (Statewide only)

Joseph Biden/Kamala Harris 2,303,430 votes, 58.41 percent

Donald Trump/Michael Pence 1,514,563, 38.41 percent


Congressional District 8 U.S. Representative (statewide, includes Eatonville and Ashford)

(D) Kim Schrier 210,200 votes, 51.8 percent

(R) Jesse Jensen 195,041, 48.06 percent


Congressional District 10 Representative (statewide, includes Graham)

(D) Marilyn Strickland 161,848 votes, 49.69 percent

(D) Beth Doglio 116,352 35.72 percent



Governor (statewide)

(D) Jay Inslee 2,232,001 votes, 57.02 percent

(R) Loren Culp 1,669,878, 42.66 percent


Lieutenant Governor

(D) Denny Heck 1,609,637 votes, 46.04 percent

(D) Marko Liias 1,172,932, 33.55 percent


Secretary of State

(R) Kim Wyman 2,033,442 votes, 53.38 percent

(D) Gael Tarleton 1,771,523, 46.5 percent


State Treasurer

(D) Mike Pellicciotti 2,030,006 votes, 53.73 percent

(R) Duane A. Davidson 1,744,493, 46.17 percent


State Auditor

(D) Pat (Patrice) McCarthy 2,199,209 votes, 58.38 percent

(R) Chris Leyba 1,564,507, 41.53 percent


State Attorney General

(D) Bob Ferguson 2,165,006 votes, 56.8 percent

(R) Matt Larkin 1,642,599, 43.09 percent


Commissioner of Public Lands

(D) Hilary Franz 2,151,600 votes, 57.06 percent

(R) Sue Kuehl Pederson 1,615,393, 42.84 percent


Superintendent of Public Instruction (Non-partisan)

Chris Reykdal 1,899,663 votes, 54.9 percent

Maia Espinoza 1,541,987, 44.56 percent


Insurance Commissioner

(D) Mike Kreidler 2,434,904 votes, 65.76 percent

(R) Chirayu Avinash 1,250,151, 33.76 percent



District 2 state Senator

(R) Jim McCune 49,923 votes, 63.61 percent

(D) Rick Payne 28,376, 36.15 percent


District 2 Representative, Position 2

(R) JT Wilcox 51,532 votes, 65.57 percent

(D) Veronica Whitcher Rockett 26,841, 34.15 percent



Pierce County Council District 3

(R) Amy Cruver 39,347 voters, 66.52 percent

(R) Joe Zaichkin 18,181, 30.74 percent


Pierce County Sheriff

Ed Troyer 265,866 votes, 63.93 percent

Cyndie Fajardo 135,237, 32.52 percent


Pierce County Executive

(R) Bruce Dammeier 236,946 votes, 54.84 percent

(D) Larry Seaquist 194,666, 45.05 percent



State Supreme Court Justice Position 3

Raquel Montoya-Lewis 1,996,804 votes, 58.43 percent

Dave Larson 1,405,842, 41.14 percent


State Supreme Court Justice Position 6

G. Helen Whitener 2,197,567 votes, 66.35 percent

Richard S. Serns 1,093,797, 33.03 percent


Pierce Superior Court

Bryan Chushcoff 239,853 votes, 62.86 percent

Brady J. Horenstein 139,212, 36.49 percent




Referendum No. 90: Requiring comprehensive sexual health education that is consistent with the Washington State health and physical education K-12 learning standards and that requires affirmative consent curriculum:

Yes 2,214,235 votes, 58.1 percent

No 1,596,881, 41.9 percent



Fire Protection District No. 21 (Graham Fire) - Proposition No. 1

Yes 20,137 votes, 68.31 percent

No 9,340, 31.69 percent


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