County beginning road improvement project in Graham

Pierce County is moving ahead with a proposed road improvement project that will improve safety and traffic operations at 92nd Avenue East and 224th Street East in Graham.
The project will include:

• Installation of a traffic signal system

• Adding an eastbound left turn lane and westbound left turn and right turn lanes at the 92nd Avenue East / 224th Street East intersection.

• Adding a two-way left turn lane west of 90th Avenue East and between 90th Avenue East and 92nd Avenue East.

• Installing concrete curb, gutter and sidewalk.

• Installing an enclosed storm drainage system, as well as stormwater treatment and storage facilities.

• Installing street lighting.

During the next few weeks the county's survey crew will stake the limits of the existing county right-of-way along the project limits.

All shrubs, trees, fences, landscaping rocks or other privately owned items within the right-of-way that property owners want to keep should be removed before the start of construction.

Removal of such items is the property owner's responsibility and must be removed completely by Dec. 31.

Construction of this project is expected to begin in spring 2022. Private utility relocations may begin ahead of the actual road construction.

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