County Council approves adding alternatives when updating comprehensive plan

The Pierce County Council narrowly passed a resolution regarding the 2024 periodic update to the Pierce County Comprehensive Plan.

“This resolution requests the Department of Planning and Public Works to examine alternative land use and transportation scenarios during the development of the 2024 periodic update to the Pierce County Comprehensive Plan,” said Hugh Taylor, principal analyst, at the Oct. 25 meeting. “These alternatives should include consideration of approaches that place greater emphasis on improving mobility through active transportation modes, promote transportation demand management and reduce the growth of vehicle miles traveled, and the growth of greenhouse gas emissions.”
As part of the resolution, the Planning and Public Works Department requests an alternative where the Canyon Road East Northerly Extension Project is not constructed and considers the impact that would have.

“The examination of the alternatives is intended to broaden the range of policy options available to the council when the 2024 periodic update is considered for adoption in the second half of the year 2024,” Taylor said.
The Pierce County Comprehensive Plan is a 20-year policy document that addresses growth in the unincorporated areas of Pierce County. The plan’s periodic review must be completed by Dec. 31, 2024.
Council Chair Derek Young said the update was needed because of a lack of interest from the federal and state levels.
“What we are not seeing from the feds or the state level is continued interest in adding additional highway miles,” he said.
Young went on to say the council can’t, “… kick the can down the road.”
“We can’t keep doing that,” he said. “This is about figuring out our prioritization.”
The vote was close, with council members Jani Hitchen, Ryan Mello and Marty Campbell joining Young in voting in favor the resolution. Council members Paul Herrera, Dave Morell and Amy Cruver voted against the resolution.


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