Washington electrical customers may face grid shutdown during wildfire season

Electrical customers in Washington state may have their power turned off this summer as part of a program employed by several utilities intended to reduce wildfires caused by their equipment.

Savvy Senior: Ways to make gardening easier as you age

What gardening tips can you offer to older seniors? I love to putter around and work in the garden, but my back and knees have caused me to curtail my gardening activities, which I miss greatly.

McTee Music Lesson Scholarship fund seeks donations

The McTee Music Lesson Scholarship Fund is seeking support. The fund, benefits middle and high school students in the Eatonville School District.

WA Ranchers bearing brunt of grizzlies returning to North Cascades

After years of discussion and public meetings, the National Park Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have signed a final agreement to bring grizzly bears back to the North Cascades Mountain range.

Savvy Senior: How to find a good doctor

Can you recommend some good resources to help me locate some quality doctors in my area? I’m looking for an orthopedic doctor for my 77-year-old mother and a new internist for me, since my doctor retired last year.

Heart Challenge success in Eatonville School District

The Kids Heart Challenge event was a tremendous success across participating schools. With a total of 252 students registered online, numerous families engaged in learning Hands-Only CPR, and a combined fundraising effort resulting in $14,280 raised.

Washington taxpayers to pay more for school meals as program expands

More school districts across Washington are providing free school meals for students, both breakfast and lunch, at no cost to families.

Washington Fish & Wildlife Commission OK $24M land acquisition

The Washington Fish & Wildlife Commission voted to approve the acquisition of Springwood Ranch in an effort to save declining salmon populations and secure water supplies.

WA Liquor and Cannabis Board changing rules to encourage minority ownership

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board is amending rules for diversity ownership when it comes to pot shops.

Student art exhibit set May 29 to June 2

The BCJ Gallery in Morton is hosting an Art Exhibit of local high school students from May 29 to June 2.

Lion's Club Lunch Balance Donation

The school district received a generous donation of $3,700 from the Eatonville Lions Club.

Savvy Senior: How to find affordable internet services?

I was recently notified that the Affordable Connectivity Program, which subsidizes my monthly internet bill, is about to end. What are my options for finding affordable home internet services now? I’m 71 years old and live primarily on my Social Security benefits.

Community Day and the MayDay Court set

How this long tradition started and credit to the school children that made this happen so many years ago. Community Day got its start in 1913 where at that time, the town was 800 people with a few saloons, stores and a wood schoolhouse.

Savvy Senior: What to do about Medicare and Social Security when you move

Next month I am moving to a different state so I can be near my daughter and grandkids. Do I need to notify Social Security and Medicare about the move?

A milestone achieved in ESD bus services

I am writing to extend my deepest gratitude to each and every one of you for your unwavering dedication, resilience, and collaboration in overcoming the significant challenge of ongoing bus cancellations over the past three years.