Recipe: This hearty meal chases away the chill

Cottage pie is a meal traditionally served in areas of Great Britain and Ireland.

Savvy Senior: What to do when a loved one dies

The death of a loved of can bring about a host of different tasks and responsibilities.

A perfect dish for a New Year's Day brunch

The late-night revelry of New Year's Eve has made New Year's Day brunch a go-to tradition for millions of people. Staying up until the calendar officially turns from one year to the next at the stroke of midnight can make it harder to get out of bed on the morning of Jan. 1, so there may be no better day to plan a brunch than the first day of the calendar year.

Savvy Senior: How to reduce your medical bills

What tips do you recommend to Medicare beneficiaries dealing with hefty medical bills? My husband recently had open heart surgery and is recovering slowly, but the medical bills are coming in fast and furious and they’re putting us in medical debt.

Get Growing: A winter holiday refresh for the garden, the easy way

I’m all about efficiency, which is a kinder way of saying I like to avoid extra work, from my hairstyle and clothes to the garden. I adore coming home to a colorful entryway filled with seasonal color but am less excited about overhauling thickly planted containers every four months.

Mayor, councilmember governed with integrity, unselfishness in recent vote

The idea of bringing the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad to Eatonville was first presented to the Town of Eatonville a few years ago when the railroad gave a presentation to the Eatonville Town Council regarding its project, including the multiple phases that would be required to make the move possible

Letter to the editor: Residents should vote for EMS levy passage

We all need to support the emergency medical services levy that South Pierce Fire and Rescue is asking for. It's not a new tax.

Letter to the Editor: Timely rescue response depends on South Pierce County EMS levy passage

Editor It seems that emergency services are needed now more than ever. No matter where you live you could need to call 911 for an emergency. South Pierce Fire and Rescue serves a large area of South Pierce County.

The Dispatch looks to reflect the community it serves through local journalism

On the carpool to work this morning I ran into an interesting Twitter thread from South Carolina reporter Joseph Cranney.