Milestone year for disabled

Oct. 26 was the day of the Special Olympics bowling tournament. This has been an exciting few weeks for our girls, ages 19 and 22, and their first independent outings. We would like to give a huge thank you to Traci-Ann Godwin for coaching, and her family, especially her dad, for driving the community van-á to the bowling alleys. Also, big thank yous to Tina Schmidt, the spearhead chair of our Special Services Advisory Group in Eatonville called SSAGE. And thank you to all our volunteers.-áThis is a huge occasion and opportunity-áfor those of us dealing with disabilities in our community. Prior to this, we have had few and far-between organized activities in our town for those members of our community with disabilities. This year, Traci-Ann and Tina have started Special Olympics, and any young person or adult with a cognitive disability can participate. It has been great. Also this year, Morningside Employment Services has come to town to assist adults with disabilities to find employment and to help our local businesses get extra help at no cost to them. It is a milestone year in our community.-áOf huge concern, however, is the news that our Eatonville Family Agency is talking about selling the van which was obtained with much-needed grant funding.-áThis van is essential to our transportation needs for those in wheelchairs and group activities.-áThough it has not been frequently utilized in recent years, now with the onset of new energy and opportunities, we need the wonderful service this community van provides. Michelle Wilbur


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