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A group of Eatonville High School student-athletes have spent the summer getting in shape with a trainer who saw fitness in a new light after having a baby. Twice a week for eight weeks, between 10 and 20 teenagers worked out in a CrossFit regimen under the tutelage of certified instructor Kristi Brown. Hosting them at her Eatonville-area home, where she also guides other CrossFit adherents of virtually all ages, Brown put them through a wide variety of training aimed at building their physical endurance, strength and coordination . And she did it for free. Waiving her usual fee was her way of helping the student-athletes become stronger, faster, fitter and healthier befor the start of their teams' practices this month in preparation for the fall sports season. "It's so generous of her to offer this free training," said Shianne Trentman, who, along with fellow Eatonville High teacher Deanna Andersen, is also a certified CrossFit trainer. They helped lead the students' workouts. CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program using 10 fitness "domains," Brown said - cardiovascular, which builds endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. Each workout is different, aided GÇô depending on the day's plan GÇô by devices such as jump ropes, free weights, boxes for jumping, gymnastics rings and bars for pulling and dipping. One workout might include weightlifting and a 300-meter sprint. Workouts, relatively quick and high-intensity, are tailored to participants' fitness levels. In addition to her student-athlete proteges, the ages of people training with Brown range as high as 60. Age and athletic ability make no difference. "All it takes is effort" to get the benefits of CrossFit, Brown said. Brown, an instructor since June 2011, became interested in CrossFit as an exercise routine for herself after giving birth to her daughter, who's now 2. As a teenager and young adult, Brown participated in martial arts and ran marathons. CrossFit was a completely different discipline when she was introduced to it, she recalled. "The first workouts kicked my butt. I'd never done anything like it. But I loved it," she said. CrossFit training, gaining popularity among colleges and other high schools, is new to Eatonville High student-athletes. Her 18-year-old stepson, a member of the Eatonville football team, has been a regular participant in Brown's 16-class schedule that will end Aug. 23, about a week after the first official football practices and three days after the start of pre-season drills for other fall interscholastic sports - volleyball, soccer, tennis and swimming. . Brown said she enjoys interacting with the athletes and seeing them "enhance their physical skills."


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