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The Dispatch is a weekly Legal Paper of Record paper serving a broad area of South Pierce County. Operated by Pacific Publishing Company and staffed by a team of professionals who are dedicated to newspapers serving the local community. The Dispatch is direct mailed within and around the Eatonville Area.

The Eatonville Dispatch has been published since 1893 and is delivered via direct mail to the homes as well as rack and inside retail locations  to an avid readership in South Pierce County Area. Home delivery and racks and retail locations cover Eatonville, Graham, Kaposwin, Ashford, Elbe and Spanaway areas with additional copies made available at merchant and area locations throughout the county. Home delivery, racks and retail locations within Eatonville (Plaza Market, Arrow Lumber, Kirks Pharmacy and Center Street Junction).

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Seattle, WA 98108-172

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