Off with the studs or risk a ticket

Spring is here, and that means drivers in Washington have until this Friday to remove their winter studded tires from their vehicles or run the risk of being fined.
The state Department of Transportation (DOT) reminds that state law requires all studded tires to be removed by the end of the day March 31. Starting April 1, drivers caught by law enforcement officials with studded tires on their vehicles face a $136 traffic infraction.
Studded tires damage pavement, so removing them promptly after winter has passed helps preserve state roadways, DOT officials noted. Tire removal services can get crowded as the removal deadline approaches, so please plan accordingly.
DOT will not be extending the studded tire deadline this year, but crews will continue to monitor roads, passes, and forecasts and work to clear any late season snow or ice. Travelers are always advised to “know before you go” by checking road conditions before heading out and staying up-to-date on changes by using DOT’s social media and e-mail alert tools or calling the 5-1-1 road conditions report, a DOT spokesman said.
Washington and Oregon share the same studded tire removal deadline. Other states may have later dates, but the Washington law applies to all drivers in the state, even visitors. No personal exemptions or waivers are issued.
More information about studded tire regulations in Washington is available online.


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