Fire station fully manned again after 'flexible staffing'

The only fire station in Eatonville was without full-time staffing during a temporary reduction in manpower by South Pierce Fire and Rescue.
The fire district, which operates the town's station and manages fire protection and emergency medical serrvices for Eatonville, was on a "flexible staffing" plan from May 1 through the end of July. As a result, some of the district's stations were without full-time crews during the three months.
The cutback was necessary because of unexpected changes in staffing and maternity/family leave for personnel, according to fire chief Lloyd Galey.
Before flexible staffing went into effect, fully manned facilities were Station 170 on 340th Street East, Station 171 in Roy, and Station 84 in Eatonville.
During the scaled-back period, the Roy location and Station 175 at the State Route 161 entrance to Northwest Trek were the only ones manned full-time. The Eatonville station was slated for full-time staffing when it was possible.
During an Eatonville Town Council meeting Aug. 14, Galey announced the flexible staffing had ended.
In an online message to the public, Galey said "planning and care was taken in order to establish the best service for this three month period."
"It is always the goal of every member of our department to provide the highest level of service to all of the residents of" the district and Eatonville, he said.
In addition to managing Eatonville's service, South Pierce Fire covers a combined population of more than 22,000 in 138 square miles of unincorporated Pierce County, including Clear Lake, Ohop Lake, La Grande, Roy, Lacamas, Harts Lake and McKenna. The district has 27 firefighters.


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