Goals for Healthy Kids

Goals for Healthy Kids

Goals for Healthy Kids

As stated in our ESD WCI (Eatonville School District Whole Child Initiative) Goal for Healthy Kids: Each student enters school healthy and learns about and practices a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy is the balance between academics and activities that support and engage the whole child. Through Social Emotional Learning, Health instruction & a variety of mental health services, Eatonville School District provides support for all.

The various programs we have that assist in this goal are:
• Change to Bethel Food Service Program
• Robust PE
• Community Garden
• Athletics
• Good Samaritan Health
• 6th Grade Health & Lifestyles
• Recess
• Mental Health Support
• Walking the track at recess
• Right at School
• Field trips to Various sites: NWTrek,
Colleges, Parks, Salmon Restoration.
• Music, Arts...electives
• Health Plans (Nurse)
• Family Fun Nights • Healthy Youth
Survey • Salad Bars
• Milk Coolers
• Meals for Pre-School
• Water Bottle Stations
• Pre School at all Elementaries
• Relay Recess School Social Worker
• Robotics, Coding, Computers
• GRITS programs for MS and HS
• Science Fairs
• Swim lessons free for all Pool for
community use
• Rigorous science and math

We are so proud of the work that has been done over the last few years to offer such quality programs for your child. We love to share with the public about the schools and their programs.
November 7th is Eatonville School District’s Focus on Education Day.
We welcome all families in for a day of adventure visiting some of our prestigious programs. Please look for more information this month.

Eatonville Schools: A healthy place to imagine and dream! Thank you for the continued support!

Sincerely, Krestin Bahr, Superintendent


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