Town Council finalizes Eatonville garbage rates

The Eatonville Town Council passed an ordinance finalizing refuse collection rates, with a $1.98 per month increase per customer — effective July 1.

The measure passed unanimously, according to Town Clerk Kathy Linnemeyer.

The rates a pass-through of the increase that is included in the franchise agreement with Pierce County Refuse, operated by Harold Lemay Enterprises, and are projected to cover the Town’s expenses for administering a refuse utility.

Federal law prohibits the town from setting commercial or school recycling rates, so the council is required to pass the costs through, according to the resolution setting the rates.

This resolution establishes an annual consumer price index adjustment which will assist in the budgeting process, but may not always be sufficient to cover the actual disposal cost increases passed along by the contractor.

The rates may increase again on January 1 by an amount equal to 90 percent of the adjustment in the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers, according to the resolution. That would be measured by averaging the April adjustments for the previous five years, with the resulting rate rounded up or down to the nearest 10¢. 

The new rates are set at $15.18 for one 35-gallon container collected monthly, $23.18 for a 65-gallon container collected monthly. For a 65-gallon container collected every-other- week, the rate is $30.28 and for weekly collection, a 65-gallon container will cost $46.78. For 95-gallon containers, the rates are $62.48 for weekly collection and $37.28 for collection every other week. 

Yard waste collection costs $7.20. The resolution set a fee of $3.30 to carry out containers five to 25 feet, and $2.10 for an additional 25 feet.

The full schedule of residential and commercial rates is available online.


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