Homeowner issues warning to would-be thieves: stay away from Old Pipeline Road

Shots rang out in the early morning hours of Tuesday, Aug. 19 as one Monroe-area property owner used a firearm to discourage two alleged burglars.
The incident occurred at approximately 1 a.m. near the 26300 block of Old Pipeline Road, when the property owner was awakened by a multi-sensor driveway alarm system. The alarm system, when triggered, produces an auditory signal which has been wired to sound inside his place of residence. Each sensor produces a different sound, identifying from where an intruder is approaching his place of residence.
Upon hearing the alarm system and investigating further, the property owner heard additional noises coming from outside which indicated to him that somebody was definitely there.
He shared that he's used to his cats occasionally setting off the driveway alarms, but he could tell by the noises that this was more than just a frisky feline. Not bothering to get dressed or even put on shoes, he ran outside to discover two individuals running down his driveway.
"I gave chase with my flashlight and gun and fired three rounds off into the gravel,GÇ¥ said the property owner.
He said that the alleged burglars ran down his driveway, at which point they turned and headed east down Old Pipeline Road. The two didn't even stop to grab their getaway vehicle, which was parked directly across the street on property also owned by the victim.
On their way down the driveway, one of the suspects dropped a piece of wire. The property owner shared that the alleged thieves apparently risked life and limb for roughly a dollar's worth of scrap wire.
Snohomish County Sheriff's Department deputies were dispatched after the property owner returned to his place of residence and called 911. An East County deputy arrived on scene within about five minutes. Soon after, additional officers arrived, including K9 Deputy Arthur Wallin and his partner, K9 Red.
According to police documents, Deputy Wallin and K9 Red soon located one of the suspects, who was taken into custody. After he was apprehended, the property owner positively identified him from surveillance video footage taken of both the suspects while lurking in his driveway. He also told officers he suspected that this same individual had been on his property before.
The cameras and driveway alarms were precautionary measures put into place by the property owner after being burglarized several times in the past. He has lost equipment, tools and electronics worth thousands of dollars in previous burglaries.
"I have no interest in killing anybody but I also have no interest in people coming onto my property and stealing my stuff,GÇ¥ said the property owner. "Do I like chasing people down? Not really. I'd prefer to sleep soundly.GÇ¥
The suspect is currently being held in Snohomish County Jail on $5,500 bail for burglary in the second degree and failure to transfer title.
The second suspect has not been located so far; although he has been tentatively identified by the left-behind getaway Jeep. The property owner shared that the Jeep handily contained a Tulalip casino gambling pass hanging from the rearview mirror; the name on which matched the name of the vehicle's registered owner.
Snohomish Sheriff's Department deputies had the Jeep impounded.


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