Letter | A golden opportunity for the Monroe community

As a district employee of 16 years, I have hundreds of stories about the positive impact our schools are having on the lives of our students and on the lives of the committed adults who serve them. -áThe greatest lesson I've learned is that every decision, every change and every suggested improvement should be filtered the same way, asking, "Is this best for our students?GÇ¥
I look at the upcoming bond in Monroe no differently. -áThis bond improves student safety and campus security; it improves the safety and availability of athletic fields that our kids play on; it modernizes and fixes many of our "tiredGÇ¥ facilities so our students have better spaces in which to learn ... all of this without a tax-rate increase for taxpayers.
This bond gives our students the best we have to offer, which is what they deserve. I can't find any reasons suggesting that passing this bond isn't what is best for our kids.
As children, we all relied on our community members to pay it forward, passing bonds and levies on our behalf so that we could have what we needed to learn, grow and reach our full potential. We have a golden opportunity this April to do the same for our kids here in Monroe. -áAfter all, they are relying on us, and I can tell you, as someone who works with them every day, our students are counting on us to do what is best for them.

' Brett Wille, Snohomish



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