Letter | Problems with rezone are city's fault

It's ironic that the City of Monroe cannot hire another certified public account, but can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the East Monroe rezone boondoggle. For the story, read the Monroe Monitor article, "What will finally finish the rezone fight,GÇ¥ in the Dec. 23, 2014 issue.
The GMHB [Growth Management Hearings Board] issued an order on motions granting compliance participation and extending compliance schedule for the church and city on [Jan. 2], which means the city will pay staff costs and legal expense[s] for another year of conflict. The sad thing is the city will have nothing to show for the huge expense even if successful, which I doubt it will be.
The city taxpayers may thank the four council members that have supported the property owner for over four years on the East Monroe rezone.

Lowell Anderson



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