Letter to the Editor | Keep parking the same, pot out of town

After reading the Monroe Monitor today, I have to agree with Andrew Abt about parallel parking in downtown. We used to have parallel parking ' terrible.
So we changed it to angle parking after a lot of bellyaching and "studiesGÇ¥ and horse pucky. -áNow it's back to parallel parking?
Listen, I don't know a single person who can parallel park a car, let alone on the first try. -áTraffic will be at an absolute standstill 24/7, waiting for people to parallel park, and parking spaces will be much fewer again. Get real. This is a no-brainer.
As far as pot businesses in Monroe goes, let's keep them on the outskirts ' say, Montana. If you've got nothing better to do and life is too boring unless you are loaded on dope (or booze, or whatever), get some counseling, or a job, or read a self-help book. We can all do without the dope-store robberies and all the problems the whole "industryGÇ¥ causes. "Nuff said.

Robert Van den Akker




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