LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Taking a stand in the new year

Taking a stand or a march for peace is a great way to begin the new year! ("Peace in a new year: Index woman's birthday wish unites more marchers every year,GÇ¥ by Chris Hendrickson, Monroe Monitor, Jan. 2, 2016)There are things to do the rest of the year as well. We can speak to our representatives and senators about ending hunger for example. It seems conflict often breaks out when people don't have enough to eat, or they are desperate because their children are dying. Right now there is a bill, the Reach Every Mother and Child Act, that targets ending the tragic deaths of millions of children under five and nearly three hundred thousand mothers each year. Tragic because most of these deaths are preventable. The Reach Act is a bipartisan bill that asks for no new money, but more efficient ways of spending the aid money to end these deaths. So why not support peace by asking our elected officials to pass this bill. Just the act of making a call or sending a letter makes a difference.

Willie Dickerson,



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