Pinteresting plan: MHS counselor using social media bulletin board site to inform

A group of counselors at Monroe High School are taking a modern approach to inform students about things having to do with mental wellness.
They have created a page on the social media site Pinterest to post information on topics relevant to many students such as ADHD, depression, stress and more.
Pinterest is a site that allows users to "pinGÇ¥ articles or images up on a virtual bulletin board. People can create collections of pins, and a typical Pinterest page might include a collection called "Dream Cars,GÇ¥ or "MHS wrestling.GÇ¥
All one has to do to add an image or article to a Pinterest page is install a small icon on one's browser, then select an article or image anywhere on the web and click the icon. Pinterest automatically formats the item into a Polaroid-style post and includes it in the collection of the viewer's choice.
The MHS Counseling page has 166 items posted on 11 "boards,GÇ¥ or collections. A board called Counseling Resources has information on quitting bad habits, solving problems, overcoming fear and more. A board on grief has tips on stopping cyberbullying, how to return to school after a death, and how to help those who are grieving.
The page is still under development, but it can be viewed at


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