Safe 2 Go Driving School rolling into Monroe High School


Monroe resident Monica Mang founded Safe 2 Go Driving School out of a love for educating youth and a desire to help them receive a safe, positive driver's education experience. Now, she is working to ensure her school's services are even more accessible to students in the Sky Valley.

Starting in May, Safe 2 Go will offer its driving curriculum to students at Monroe High School, and they won't even need to leave campus to attend. The five-week course, which includes 30 hours of classroom learning, six hours behind the wheel and one hour of in-car observation, begins on Tuesday, May 17, and runs through Thursday, June 16. Classes take place 3-5 p.m. every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at Monroe High School, and students from all over the Sky Valley are able to sign up.

"We are thrilled to bring this expanded level of service to our Monroe families,GÇ¥ Mang said. "Our goal is to maximize convenience for our customers while providing a quality service.Students will learn the basics of defensive driving, rules of the road, safe driving techniques and much more.GÇ¥

Safe 2 Go caters to teenage drivers, and Mang said she works hard to keep her rates as low as possible. She is familiar with the logistics of operating within the parameters of a school district, as Safe 2 Go has been providing driver's education at Sultan High School since last year.-á

Safe 2 Go curriculum is completely guided by state code related to driver's education. Mang strictly adheres to state regulations and uses a system of repetitive instruction, so students are able to engage in auditory and visual learning and then hold verbal discussion on the concepts. After that, they get behind the wheel to participate in hands-on learning.

All aspects of the courses are overseen by state-certified professional instructors.

Safe 2 Go uses an evidence-based defensive driving technique known as Commentary Driving, which has been proven to build safer driving habits and prevent accidents. It teaches drivers to always maintain an appropriate level of space around their vehicles, establish positive visual habits and always maintain a positive attitude when they're behind the wheel.-á

"It helps prevent collisions,GÇ¥ Mang said. "That's one of the main things I really like teaching.GÇ¥ -á -á

There are weekly quizzes to make sure students understand the concepts and to help them prepare for the final test. To pass the course, students must complete the homework, tests and driving instruction with an 80 percent score or higher.

Mang lives in Monroe with her husband, Lamonte, and their two kids, Camron, 20, and Tanna, 19. Her kids were largely home-schooled, and as they were growing up Mang realized she enjoyed being a part of their educational process. Once they started nearing adulthood, she decided to take her love for teaching a few steps further, opening Safe 2 Go in 2013.

It took about six months to navigate the state regulations, she said. After that, it was time to go car shopping.-á -á

"I took 12 teenagers with me and we went shopping for two months to find the cars. We drove the dealerships crazy, it was so much fun,GÇ¥ Mang said. "We drove every car there was and then we finally decided on the Hyundai Elantras.GÇ¥

She had a fleet of five Elantras up until July, but then decided she needed to establish a compelling rewards system for her students; something a little more interesting than a Starbucks gift card. After a comprehensive search, she was inspired to purchase a 2015 Ford Mustang Ecoboost, impressed by its sleek looks and robust safety features. The new incentive car has had a positive effect on students, who are required to practice two hours a week in between the class-scheduled drives.-á

"If they do really well on their score cards and they get their practice in like they're supposed to, then they get to drive the Mustang,GÇ¥ Mang said.

And just like with the Elantras, she sought student input as she was car shopping.

"The kids had a blast. We took friends and students and had them try out the cars ' they were kid-tested and approved,GÇ¥ Mang said. "It was fun.GÇ¥-á

Mang is a hands-on entrepreneur. While not a driving instructor, Mang works in the office Monday through Friday handling company operations, accounting, cultivating new business relationships and keeping abreast of updated policies and regulations mandated by the state. She recently became a member of the Monroe Chamber of Commerce, and has donated to local organizations including the Monroe Gospel Women's Mission, the Sky Valley Chamber of Commerce, football and band booster programs at Monroe High School and other causes benefitting students.

She tracks student satisfaction through course surveys, wanting to know firsthand what her students have to say about Safe 2 Go instructors.

Safe 2 Go headquarters is located behind Monroe's Red Barn gas station off U.S. 2. In addition to offering classes at Sultan High School and Monroe High School, Mang has a school in the Silver Lake area and will be opening a new location at Harvey Airfield in Snohomish. In addition to providing driver's education, Safe 2 Go is an official state-authorized driver testing location.

For more information on Safe 2 Go Driving School, visit or the Facebook page at Payment plans are available. For information about course prices, call 360-794-7233 or email the school at

Photo courtesy of Safe 2 Go Monica MangGÇÖs kids Cameron and Tanna have helped out with Safe 2 Go promotional materials, including this photo used on the driving schoolGÇÖs website. Safe 2 Go is a family-oriented business - on a recent afternoon at the Monroe office, Tanna spent the afternoon washing the cars.


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