Take the Next Step clients wed

By Sarah Lunstrum

On March 30, James George Sharp Jr. married Stephanie Stuckey, at a special ceremony at Take the Next Step - Monroe (TTNS) and East Snohomish County's community resource center (202 S. Sams St.).

It was a special event because this is not a typical event for TTNS. James ("JimGÇ¥) and Steph are a couple who use TTNS' services and have been growing in leaps and bounds. They met at a bus stop in town. James was sitting on the bench, Steph needed a seat and he offered his knee. The two have rarely been seen apart since! -á

So first comes love, then comes marriage.-á

The two approached Mike Lorio, an ordained TTNS staff member, about the possibility of marrying them. Lorio was excited about the idea and agreed, if they would attend premarital counseling. So the couple began working really hard on bettering themselves and their relationship ' taking their next steps toward healthy and happy living. -á

Surrounded by staff and friends, Jim and Steph took the plunge March 30 in the first wedding of Take the Next Step clients ever!-á

It was a celebration of love and joy, and TTNS staff were grateful to be a part of it. Their love for each other is so palpable. TTNS wished the happy couple many blessings in a life-long marriage and partnership.-á

For more information on Take the Next Step, visit www.ttns.org.-á


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