Cruiser cross country wins season opener

The Cruiser boys and girls cross country teams took on the Washington Patriots in their season opener Feb. 24 at the Marymount Events Center in Spanaway.

Both the boys and girls cross country teams came out on top to take the overall wins. The boys had a perfect day.

“The varsity boys perfectly scored Washington (hardest thing to do in cross country),” coach Geoff Olson said. “We had first place to eighth place before a Washington runner finished. In cross country, you only score the top five runners from your team, and we scored 15 to Washington's 50. Most teams never get that chance to perfect score another team. Our cross country team has done it four times in our short nine years of existence, twice for the boys now and twice for the girls team.”

The top five finishers for the boys were Cameron Halter first, Christian Rodriguez, second, Evan Redmond third, Cole Pederson, fourth, and Austin Frink, fifth.

The top finishers for the girls were Jillian Ruiz, second, and Alexia Price, third.


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